Auditions are open to all area string, woodwind, brass, and percussion students, up to age 22. We encourage students of all musical levels to audition and participate in the East Texas Youth Orchestra to build orchestral experience, broaden their musical talents and repertoire, and simply to make beautiful music with friends. Click here to register for an audition. Should you need further assistance, feel free to contact us at or by phone at (903) 952-ETYO. 

Philharmonic Orchestra

Open to interested students studying strings, woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments with a minimum of one year prior instruction (class or private). Students must prepare a two octave scale of their choice and one solo work. Evidence of certain techniques, such as vibrato, shifting and bow technique, are strongly desired.   

Symphony Orchestra 

Open to interested high school and college students up to age 22 studying all strings, woodwind, brass and percussion instruments.


Students should prepare a three-octave scale of their choice and one solo work.

The solo work should show elements of shifting, vibrato and, if possible, both slow and fast bow technique.


Perform a piece of your choosing.

Woodwinds and Brass
Perform a two-octave scale of their choice (quarter note at about 84mm)
Perform one solo piece that BEST represents your skills. The piece should be technically challenging but also demonstrate the student’s ability to play musically and expressive. The excerpt should be either a solo and/or etude. Students should bring a copy of the piece for the judges. The judges may stop a student mid-piece once they have heard what is necessary to make a placement 


All interested percussion students should prepare one solo work of their choice and perform the following: 

1. Snare drum: Rudimental Rolls, flams, paradiddles 

2. Mallet Instruments: Two octave major scale and arpeggio of the student’s choice 

3. Timpani: Long roll ppp to fff and interval tuning to Perfect 4th’s and Perfect 5th’s